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Sign Repair

Our top notch equipment is manned by licensed professionals. Who are trained and professionals.

Electrical & Lighting

Let us show you how you can retrofit your existing lighting with an energy saving solution.

Neon Lighting

Yes, unfortunately neon signs and tubes do break occasionally. We are at your service.

Parking Lot & Roadway Lighting

We can attack your troubled parking lot and security problems with ease. Roadway lighting is also one of our services too.

LED Sign Boards

These vibrant displays can endure harsh conditions, yet continue to deliver full color displays.

Design & Construction

Today many people take lighting for granted. You flip the switch and the lights come on.

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Why choose Texas Electrical

For more than 25 years Texas Electrical has grown into a national team of trained installers and master sign repair electricians. We offer every major brand of lighting products of any size to efficiently illume the workplace, parking lots, manufacturers, industrial, or government facilities. Our clients satisfaction is our #1 goal, and our return clients speak volumes about the service we provide.

Our client satisfaction is our #1 goal. We provide exceptional results in all areas including retail, commercial, industrial, offices, food services, automotive, and many more.