Texas Electrical has a strong history in Texas of exceeding customer expectations and creating Raving Fans. On September 1 of 2018 Texas & Oklahoma Electric Service, LLC dba Texas Electrical was born. 

It was the dream of Dale Vick, our current President, to buy the company and grow it to a new level. Through Dale's dogged determination and relentless pursuit, it happened. Of course, he didn't do it alone. It was Dale's strong desire and effort that brought everyone together at just the right time, but Dale pegged two individuals to assist him in achieving his vision to own Texas Electrical. Gary Young, our current CEO, shared Dale's vision and provided the backing and business experience needed to arrange the financial package. Lee Karnes, our current COO, joined Texas Electrical 4 years previously and often shared his vision for Texas Electrical with Dale. Gary and his wife Melodie invested heavily, betting on Dale's relentless efforts and Lee's leadership to make Texas & Oklahoma Electric Service a reality. 

On September 1, 2019, Texas Electrical celebrated its One Year Anniversary. In one year, Dale's dogged determination, Gary's business acumen, and Lee's leadership have propelled Texas Electrical to a new level that began with Dale's dream.

Lee Karnes stated, "Certainly, our growth could not have occurred without the dedicated team members that stayed with us through the very difficult transitional days. I'd like to recognize a few of them that have been with us since day one. Our technicians and apprentices are uniquely skilled. They are the absolute best in the industry. Without their dedication, we would not have a company.
Our Account Executives have great vision and continue to bring opportunities to us that seem beyond our capabilities. Thankfully our technicians are willing to try almost anything, and as a result, we have gone into areas we didn't even know we could do. Mitch Thompson is a consummate professional, expertly adding facilities management opportunities to our portfolio. Through the vision and direction Of Sabrina Cooper, we partnered with Bailiwick and moved into project management with a national Mcdonald's rollout. Alisa Petersen and Rick Countryman consistently provide challenging opportunities. All of our technicians are invaluable and accomplish things on a daily basis that amaze me. Without the skills, licenses and certifications of our Master Electrician Chris West and Master Sign Electrician Gary Simmons, we could not be an electrical and sign company. Their willingness to try the extraordinary and their willingness to share our vision make it possible for us to work in Texas and Oklahoma.I am constantly impressed with technicians like Mike Wilkins. Mike has the rare distinction of being both a Journeyman Electrician and Sign Electrician. His deductive reasoning and ability to develop and carry out a plan, save our customers thousands of dollars. Technicians like Tony Hudson, Derek Harsh, and Danny Judkins work 60 plus feet in the air and impress me daily with their skills. Our Journeyman electricians Ron Clark, Will Gardiner, and Roland Nelson, are incredible in their abilities to begin a job with little or no information and restore power or create it where none existed before. Our office and warehouse staff, Christian Rivera, and Accountant, Cristina Rivas provide the thankless but absolutely necessary skills of handling the myriad of details we need to run our company. Every member of our organization is invaluable and each provides a uniqueness that allows us to be very good at what we do and allow us to create Raving Fans. All of these individuals are brought together by my assistant Skye Grace Laughlin. Skye keeps us all on the same page and moving in the right direction. We all depend on her to keep us straight. I could not do what I do without her."

Most importantly, as a company, and me personally, we have to credit God with any success we have seen. We realize without God's blessing we would have none of our own."

Texas & Oklahoma Electic Service, LLC is one year old but has been building its brand and reputation for 20 plus years. With the first year under their belt, they believe there is no limit to what they can accomplish and are incredibly excited to see what the next year and beyond will bring!