Lights come in various shapes and sizes to fit your specific lighting needs. Some are small to light up tiny areas and others are larger to light up yards or darker parts of your home’s exterior. Floodlights do an excellent job of lighting up a large area without being too overpowering. Chances are you have floodlights somewhere on your property, whether in your garage, backyard, or right inside your home.

For those who are looking to get floodlights installed or have their floodlights fixed, Texas Electrical, a Las Colinas master electrician team, can be your solution. With a full team of licensed and insured electricians, you can trust them to help you with your next Las Colinas floodlights installation. Today, we are going to look at how floodlights work and give you a few tips on how to use them.

What Are Floodlights?

Floodlights are a type of light bulb that fits standard light sockets but has a wide bulb and a reflective background to help disperse light from a wider angle. This helps to light up dark corners in backyards, front yards, and in other exterior areas around your home. They can also be used in various colors for parties or accent lighting in and around commercial buildings, warehouses, and more.

How Floodlights Work

Floodlights work by utilizing the reflective background and wide bulb to ensure that light is shot in the direction you need it with a wide lighting pattern. They work similarly to a traffic light as their main goal is to provide light in one direction, unlike a standard light bulb that provides light in all directions. They are usually found in housings that have solid backdrops that help to ensure the light shines in only one direction.

Types Of Floodlights

When it comes to floodlights, there are a few different types that you can choose from to get the right amount of lighting for your home or business.

  • Single Head: A single head floodlight fixture is going to have a spot for one floodlight and is smaller in structure than the other options. These are best used for small areas where one-floodlight can efficiently light up the area.

  • Twin Head: For areas that need a little more light, a twin head floodlight can help get the job done. These fixtures have spots for two floodlights and are the most commonly used floodlights in residential settings.

  • Multi-Head: For more commercial settings or places that need a great amount of light, a multi-head fixture would be best. These fixtures contain 3 or more places for floodlights and are great for large backyards, fields, and job sites.

Floodlight Installation In Las Colinas

If you own a home or operate a business in Las Colinas, HID lights, floodlights, and other illumination projects are our specialty—and our team at Texas Electrical would be happy to assist you with everything you need for a high-quality installation. As one of the top Las Colinas commercial electricians in the area, Texas Electrical counts with over 25 years of electrical experience and can handle any electrical project that you need to illuminate your commercial or residential property. 

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