Whether you manage a warehouse, a football stadium, a school campus, a small auto shop, or a boutique hotel—the lighting you use to illuminate your brick and mortar space is extremely important. The right commercial lighting can enhance your property in many ways, bringing in more business and making it a better and safer space to operate.

At Texas Electrical, our team of expert master electricians is dedicated to helping our customers find the right lighting to use for their commercial properties. One important question we’re often asked about is the difference between floodlights and spotlights—two important types of lighting that are frequently used in illumination projects for businesses of all kinds. Floodlights and spotlights might seem similar, and in fact, they’re often confused with one another. If you’re in the market for better lighting and interested in these options, knowing the difference between the two is important. In this guide, we’ll help you understand the difference between floodlights and spotlights to prepare you for your commercial lighting project.

What’s the Difference Between a Spotlight and a Floodlight?

While they may seem similar, the difference between floodlights and spotlights is a simple but significant one. While both commercial lighting floodlights and spotlights cast beams of light with the purpose of illuminating a certain area of space, the spotlight’s beam is considerably narrower than the floodlight. To be more specific, the spotlight’s beam of light is concentrated and easier to point onto objects you want to be illuminated. The light will typically measure in at no more than 45 degrees. A floodlight, on the other hand, streams light with a beam that measures around 120 degrees—which makes it ideal for illuminating large spaces. 

Should I Use Commercial Lighting Floodlights or Spotlights for My Project?

The advantage of a floodlight or spotlight for your business will depend on what it's being used for. Spotlights are generally ideal for shining a light on a specific object or area you’d like to draw attention to. For example, a museum or art exhibit uses spotlights for highlighting their artwork and displays. Many buildings use exterior spotlights to accent landscaping or architectural features. Or, a performance theater will use spotlights to illuminate performers on the stage. Spotlights are also used to shine a light on featured products and window displays in retail stores, especially in luxury shops that feature high-end items.

Floodlights are ideal for larger spaces where better lighting is necessary—for example, parking lots, football stadiums, loading and unloading areas, and driveways. The focus is less specific and more about visibility inside of an area than drawing the eye’s attention to a certain object.

High-Activity Lighting vs. Accent Lighting

In conclusion, floodlights are used to illuminate large spaces while spotlights are used to illuminate much smaller ones. What does this mean for your business, and how can you use each one to your advantage? To put it in a different perspective, it all comes down to high activity vs. accent lighting, and what you’re trying to help your customers achieve in your commercial space. High-activity lighting, which includes floodlights, is used to promote a brighter, safer, and more visible area for your clientele to spend time in. Accent lighting, like spotlights, is used to draw attention to the eye on a smaller object or a person—whether it’s to simply showcase a beautiful décor or design, make a person more visible, or to advertise something you’re selling.

Explore Your Lighting Options with a Qualified Texas Electrician

There’s no denying the fact that great lighting can do wonders to help better your business—whether you’re interested in spotlights, floodlights, or both. The options you have when it comes to lighting are seemingly endless—and it can be downright confusing to know what you really need and what you don’t. At Texas Electrical, we’re passionate about helping our customers make the best decisions for their businesses. From LED lighting, high and low bay lighting, HID ballasts, and so much more, our experts will help you navigate through the wonderful world of commercial lighting to help your business shine brighter than ever. For more information about our commercial lighting floodlights, spotlights, or our other electrical products and services, give our team a call to have an agent answer your questions over the phone. Or, to request a free, on-site pricing estimate with a Texas Electrician from our team, fill out our online form now.