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Denton Commercial Signage

At Texas Electrical, we've been helping local businesses attract customers since 1998. Our commercial signs are displayed all over Denton and beyond. We are the experts who will ensure your electrical signage is eye-catching. From design to installation and repairs, we are the choice company for commercial signage in Denton. 

Superior Commercial Signage Experts in Denton 

Whether you need repairs or a new sign, the professionals at Texas Electrical are your commercial lighting experts. We offer a wide range of designs and styles that will work for your next sign installation. Some of our popular signs include: 

  • LED Signs: These signs are popular for their long bulb life, low energy use, and bright colors. They require little maintenance and are great if you want to display bold text or images and video. 
  • Neon Signs: Neon signs are retro and timeless—a great way to catch a customer's eye! We offer several types of neon signs at various price points so you can stay within your budget. We also provide specialized contractors who can repair or replace any damage on your neon sign. 
  • Digital Billboard Signs: If you're looking for a bigger way to attract customers, consider our digital billboards. Our electricians are Daktonics-certified and have been vetted and approved by leading manufacturers of digital display signs. 
Our commercial signage experts are with you every step of the signage process. We'll start with a consultation and discuss the design, so you can ensure your sign will be perfect. Then, we will go over fabrication and finally installation by fully licensed electricians. This transparent and immersive process makes Texas Electrical your trusted Denton signage expert. 

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Our passionate team at Texas Electrical wants you to rely on us. Whether you need lighting, signage, or an electrician, you can be confident we'll be there to complete your electrical renovations or electrical repair. We strive to be your trusted commercial electrician in Denton

Our team is committed to ensuring all of our projects are completed safely. Every electrical installation is done thoroughly and correctly. All of our contractors are licensed and certified, and ready to conduct electrical safety inspections. Reach out to our team today or fill out our online form for a free estimate on your next project!